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Dale Ketola
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TaylorMade Club Fitting

Myrtle Beach's only outdoor TaylorMade fitting center

 The art of fitting a golf club is a combination of three critical factors.

1) Club fitting is only as good as the fitter. Dale Ketola is a trained expert in TaylorMade® club fitting.

2) Having the equipment and tools for the club fitter to utilize, which ensures the best possible fit for each golfer. Our state-of-the-art Flightscope launch monitor allows us to measure exactly what the ball is doing in the air and what the club is doing around impact. We use the TaylorMade® fitting system.

3) Ball flight must be observed in a real golf environment, i.e. hitting off of real grass, not into a net, and being able to watch the ball flight.

How it Works
  • You will be interviewed to determine your style of play, preferences, and specification parameters.
  • You will hit balls with your current equipment to get a starting point for the fit.
  • You will then hit balls with TaylorMade® equipment with different specifications until we arrive at the perfect fit.
  • You will then select your equipment, with advice from Dale

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